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Busy with office work? Single Parent? Planning Outstation vacation or visiting your Mother's House? Great opportunity for kids & parents to get rid of school holiday homework.

Today's The schools give a lot of homework to students in name of overall development and to keep them engage in their vacations, which is quite useless and is complete wastage of time. Later in the name of projects, models and charts these so called homework is either used for decorating school walls and science exhibitions. As the parents are getting aware of these tactics, so the schools had started giving marks for these so called homework as Internal Assessment.

We don't say doing your Homework is Bad but at "School Project Maker" We offers a stress free option for parents and children. Just pass on your burden of Assignments and Projects of your child's Holiday homework on us & Give us all your worries and Let your children enjoy holidays and leave the tension of your projects & Charts on us !!!!! Let them enjoy the free time !!!!! We want the children to enjoy this free time in Studying and learning other activities such as different Sports, New activities, Computers Etc.

We can provide you with many kinds of School Projects related to any subject. We make projects for students from class Nursery to 12th. The projects are prepared by well qualified professionals.

We are here to help you making your projects, File covers, Drawings, Charts, Scrapbooks, Posters, Craft work, Models, Power Point Presentation-PPT and Other Kind of holiday homework from school.